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Mar 2, 2020

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


Carla Oates the Founder of The Beauty Chef, is a pioneering entrepreneur, seeing an opportunity in the overlap of wellbeing and beauty more than 10 years ago – before the concept of an “inside out approach” to beauty had become mainstream. 


Having recently raised $10 million dollars from Point King Capital, Carla reflects on the business journey so far, from launching a product in a non-existent category, to expanding into the US, Asia and Europe – we explore the challenges faced by a first-time business owner and the high-growth intersection of gut health, beauty and wellness. We also hear how TV shopping provided a solid marketing strategy to scale the brand and how Carla’s mission to cultivate a business with longevity pushes her to innovate and educate. 


Carla’s core business philosophy: ‘look after your gut, be gutsy and follow your gut instinct’.


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