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Aug 9, 2021

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


My guest today is Cecile Gasnault, the Brand Director at Smile Makers, which is a revolutionary sexual wellness brand that is completely reimagining the female pleasure category. Launched in 2012, Cecile joined the team to support Smile Makers digital growth and help educate, inform and de-stigmatize a once very taboo subject. We talk about exactly how they’ve done this. 


In this episode, Cecile talks us through the strategy behind reframing the conversation around sexual pleasure, and how talking to buyers from retailers like Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and Saks has transformed over the last 6 years – from awkward to empowered… and how that is being reflected in consumer conversations too. We also discuss opportunities in the market, and how sexual wellness fits into the $4.5 trillion wellness industry


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