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Mar 8, 2021

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


My guest today is Ian Mullane, Founder, and CEO of Keepme, an AI-powered sales and marketing CRM platform for the fitness industry. With a passion for analytics and a career that spans 20 years in predictive trading and risk models, Ian built Keepme with the intention of solving a problem experienced in fitness studios all around the world. 


In this episode, we learn more about Ian’s passion for data and insights, how a charity boxing match sparked his curiosity into wellness, and how this came together in the form of a business. We also hear how Ian is still to this day iterating the Keepme business model, the importance of staying connected with your customers, and why this business is only a success if their customers are a success. 


If you haven’t already, get your complimentary copy of Ian’s recently published white paper, The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement.


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