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Jan 27, 2020

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


Randy Hetrick is the creator of one of the fitness industry’s most prolific pieces of equipment, the Suspension TrainerTM. A former Navy SEAL, Randy founded TRX in 2004 and has built it into one of the world’s leading training brands. 


In this episode, Randy shares the story of how he turned an invention of necessity into a world class business delivering value to a broad range of consumers from elite athletes to total beginners. We hear how Randy was initially flattered by copycat products until it threatened all that he had worked so hard for. Always an optimist, Randy’s philosophy, ‘if you get knocked down 10 times, get back up 11’, which is why Entrepreneur Magazine listed him as one of the ‘50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs’. 


What can we expect next from TRX? An increase in direct to consumer business, and an inspirational book from the Suspension Trainer’sTM inventor and Founder, Randy Hetrick.


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