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Jul 26, 2021

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


My guest today is Simon Duffy, the Founder of one of the UK’s largest male grooming brands, Bulldog Skincare and most recently, disruptive oral care brand, Waken Mouthcare.


In this episode, Simon and I talk about his vast experience in innovation within the consumer brand space and why Simon feels like it’s the role of the innovator to challenge big, lazy, brands. Plus we’re diving into a critical question that Simon says all entrepreneurs should ask themselves when they spot a gap in the market.. And that is ‘is there a market in the gap?’. We also talk about demystifying over-complicated consumer products and the impact of simple, beautiful brand packaging when it comes to effective marketing.


A true disruptor, Simon is full of practical advice for anyone thinking about innovating in a stagnant market – including when to challenge convention, and when to stand apart.


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