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Aug 3, 2020

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


Carly Stein is on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet and whilst she’s at it, save the bees! Following a series of personal health problems, a chance encounter with bee propolis in an Italian pharmacy, and an unfulfilling career in finance, Carly launched natural remedy brand Beekeeper’s Naturals. 


In this episode, Carly shares with us the moment she discovered the wonders of propolis, ‘an antioxidant dense bee product’ and the business's key ingredient. We hear how no-one believed in Carly’s business idea, and how a bootstrapped trip to South-East Asia, away from all of the negative opinions, gave her the space to write a business plan and professionalise her - at that point - ‘hobby’. We also talk about Carly’s self-doubt, and why her biggest challenge so far has been herself. 


Carly’s top tip to other entrepreneurs: ‘expect the unexpected’ and use ‘moments of weakness to build resilience’.


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