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Oct 21, 2019

Let's talk about the business of wellness...

Julian Hearn is the Co-Founder of Huel, a nutritionally complete, convenient food brand. A serial entrepreneur, Julian developed Huel with the objective to create something he felt proud of. Now, at just 5 years old, the brand has sold over 50 million meals across 80 countries and is turning over £60 million a year with plans to grow by 50% in 2020. 

With two orders placed before the business even launched, it was the power of word of mouth and prominence in the press that supported the early growth of the business. Shying away from retailers, Huel went direct to consumer, allowing the brand to build direct relationships, and gain instant feedback. 

In this episode, Julian talks about building your tribe, Huel’s sustainable approach to nutrition, their new office based NPD kitchen and lab, what it takes to expand into the US market, and the importance of raising money when you don’t need it. We also chat about Huel’s recruitment process and the importance of cultural fit. Want to be a Hueligan (someone who works for Huel)? Then ‘Don’t be a dick’ - as promoted in large letters at Huel HQ.

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