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Jul 27, 2020

Let’s talk about the business of wellness...


Lara Mead is the Co-Founder of athleisure brand Varley. In 2015 whilst pregnant with her first child, Lara and her husband Ben launched their first collection, securing major US stockists Bandier, Carbon 38, and Bergdorf Goldman’s. Self-funded by the sale of their London home, the British duo moved their lives to LA to give Varley the best chance at success. 


In this episode, Lara talks about a childhood of competitive athletics shaped her mindset for success, how a chance encounter with a woman wearing hot pants changed things, and the struggles of self-funding a rapidly growing product-based business. We also discuss Varley’s recent (2019) £4 million investment, and how the capital is supporting the growth of Varley’s digital strategy. 


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