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Nov 25, 2019

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


Sarah Larson Levey is the Co-Founder of US boutique fitness brand Y7 Studio. Born out of her own frustration with disappointing yoga experiences, Sarah and her then fiance Mason Levey launched Y7 Studio in New York back in 2013 as a popup. Since then they’ve grown their progressive brand of ‘sweat drippin’, beat bumpin’, candlelit yoga into a 14 studio operation - the latest of which opened just yesterday (November 2019) in Brooklyn.


Last year, the business, which now employees over 300 people, turned over a revenue of $9.8 million –– its explosive growth earning the brand the title of one of Inc’s fastest-growing companies in America.


In this episode we talk about the challenges of commercial real-estate, why Sarah chose to surround herself with a team of incredible experts, and how the business self-funded up until studio no. 6! Sarah also shares the importance of consistency when it comes to scaling the business, and why you’ll never see her name on the schedule - this studio isn’t about her, it’s about each and every person that walks through the door looking for their own experience. 


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