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Jul 19, 2021

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


My guest on the podcast today is Kat Pither, the Founder of Yogi Bare, which is an eco-friendly yoga mat and accessories brand. It’s a business that was built during quite a dark chapter in Kat’s life, and she’s sharing exactly how startup life gave meaning and purpose to her day to day – and has seen her go on a powerful personal journey of self-discovery. 


In this episode, Kat shares her personal experience of dealing with severe anxiety and how the philosophy of yoga supported her recovery. We hear about the fundamental importance of finding the right mentors, not being afraid to admit when you don’t know the answers, the challenges associated with sustainable packaging and manufacturing, what happens when you receive a letter to cease and desist, and why Kat made a decision to use the brand’s recent 900% growth (during COVID-19) to support friends, yoga teachers, and studios. 

Find out more about Yogi Bare’s Sustainability Diary - an open and honest account of all the brand is doing to be, and do better.


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