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Nov 11, 2019

Let's talk about the business of wellness…


Created out of a love of peanut butter on toast after a long run, Pip Murray founded Pip & Nut with the aim to offer a natural alternative to a stagnant nut butter market. As the sole founder of the UK’s fastest growing nut butter brand Pip was recently awarded Natwest’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. 


In January 2020 Pip & Nut will celebrate their 5th birthday. A poignant moment in the life cycle of the business, Pip has always had at the back of her mind: ‘1 in 3 businesses fail within their first 5 years’. A landmark year for the brand, Pip still continues to raise the standards when it comes to the business. A recent B Corp certification, a significant increase in headcount, and expansion of the product line have all supported the growth of this incredible business.


In this episode Pip shares the journey of Pip & Nut; from her kitchen table to the supermarket. She discusses frankly the importance of finding a mentor (Giles Brooks, CEO of Vita Coco is hers), the challenges of expanding your product range too quickly and why trusting your instincts is vital when building a brand. 


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