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Sep 23, 2019

Let's talk about the business of wellness...

Jules Miller is the Founder of nutrition and supplement brand The Nue Co. With a recent raise of $9 million to drive personalisation (July 2019), the premium subscription brand is not only known for building strong brand loyalty, but for challenging the status quo.

With just 40% of Britain's taking supplements, vs a whopping 78% of Americans, it was a strategic move for the female founder to take The Nue Co. straight to New York. The businesses priorities from the beginning has been to understand how consumers are feeling, and educate them on non-toxic ingredients that make them feel great.

In this episode, Jules shares her thinking around innovation (spoiler: if people don't think she's crazy, she knows it's not a good idea), we talk about the financial strain of launching a startup, and how The Nue Co is doing things differently to conventional supplement brands. Jules also talks about why wellness won't exist in the future.

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